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Gio Maschio

Founder of Oxford Internal Arts, Gio has been practicing Internal Arts and related subjects for 25 years and has been teaching private classes, retreats and workshops for 20 years, focusing on self-healing and meditation. He was head Internal Arts tutor to the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, the UK’s largest college of Chinese medicine, for 15 years, has conducted seminars for the British Acupuncture Council, and is one of Master B.K. Frantzis’ most experienced instructors, certified to teach the complete range of pratices Master Frantzis teaches. He has also studied especially meditation with other teachers and masters for as many years, finding this to give invaluable insight into both teaching and practice. He also has a Masters in Philosophy and speaks three languages.


About The Material Taught

The material taught at Oxford Internal Arts derives from the teachings of Internal Arts master B.K. Frantzis.

Mr. Frantzis is well known in the West and in China both for his genuine mastery of the material (he is one of the very few, if not the only, Westerner regarded as a master of T’ai Chi in China) and for his ability and desire to communicate it to students very clearly and in its complete form, free of cultural and translational trappings.

Not only this, but over and above Frantzis being a lineage holder in T’ai Chi, he is a lineage holder in Taoism. Taoism is the origin of T’ai Chi’s internal knowledge of the body’s physical systems and energy, but Taoism is also very much concerned with how this relates to emotions, thinking, intuition and the complete range of human abilities, and how to balance these to benefit both the individual and the world around him or her.

All this enables an individual to approach important physical and energetic aspects of themselves through a complete range of techniques, without having to second-guess for the lack or opacity of the information. And it also enables an individual to approach the rest of their being with clarity, and develop themselves in a safe, fully integrated and balanced way, with a clear sense of how and why the techniques learned will help them.


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