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Who can benefit?

Anyone can practice the Internal Arts. They involve no extreme postures or stretching, and are usually done standing up, but may be done very effectively while sitting in a chair or even lying down. Many of the techniques may be done quite invisibly whilst working, or in short sessions virtually anywhere, so preventing burnout and injury and building vitality during your day.

As a result anyone can benefit from the Internal Arts. From people wishing to clear infirmities, illness or pain, to those wishing to release stress and boost their vitality, to those wishing to develop high performance together with exceptional strength and clarity.

Please refer to the practice descriptions for further information.

For Health Workers

All the practices taught at O.I.A can be used to develop your treatment abilities, increase your overall energy levels and prevent picking up your patients syndromes, thus benefiting both yourself and the patient.

The Dragon & Tiger Qi Gong is particularly useful for clearing any stagnation and burnout which can result when treating patients.

I will be happy to tailor the information to your requirements in class.


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