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Qigong and tai chi seminars


T’ai Chi, Qigong, and Taoist Meditation are Taoist Arts known as “Internal Arts”

This refers to the internal components or techniques (neigung) which make these arts work. These internal techniques are at the heart of the Internal Arts’ ability to develop exceptional health, strength and relaxation. More about these internal components

Our Aims:


  • To teach openly and clearly the internal components which make the Taoist Arts really work
  • To address what you require with regards to your health, energy, physical abilities, quality of mind and relaxation
  • To provide you with a clear sense of how and why the techniques will help you achieve your goals smoothly and confidently

Practicing the Internal Arts:

  • Clears stress and develops relaxation
  • Stabilises and centers the mind, developing presence and awareness
  • Enlivens and strengthens the nervous system
  • Opens up the flow of fluids and energy in the body
  • Directly benefits the great majority of conditions - illnesses, injuries, aches, pains, low energy, computer related conditions (RSI), etc
  • Develops a body which moves easily and feels comfortable, balanced, strong and energetic
  • Provides added dimensions and depth to yoga, all sports, dance, music and performance arts
  • Relaxes thought and emotion helping us to discover a more naturally relaxed and open presence 


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