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Taoist Natural Breathing

As how you breathe has such a fundamental effect on your central nervous system and quality and stability of your mind, this practice is particularly important when learning how to clear stress and tension from your nervous system, enabling you to fully relax and stabilise your mind and energy.

It allows you to do this by enabling you specifically to discover natural, unf-forced breathing, which over time becomes very soft, smooth, long and deep. This natural pulsation connects to all the natural pulastions in the body, including the flow of fluids and chi and the natural pulsing in your internal organs, joints and spine, as occurs in babies.

Re-discovering this powerful, soothing rhythm deep inside you releases stress very powerfully, and provides an exceptional means to relax your mind and release over-charged emotions and thoughts, whatever you’re doing, even at work. At the same time, it revitalises your fluid and enerrgy flows and detoxifies and greatly improves the functioning of your vital organs, increasing your strength, energy, and vitality – both Chinese medicine and martial arts agreeing that if your organs are strong and healthy, you will be strong and healthy.

Whole Body Breathing serves as a stable platform for learning in the internal arts.

This practice is particularly beneficial if:

  • You are seated for long periods of time at work or at home
  • You meditate, or are interested in meditation
  • You suffer from mental, nervous, or emotional tension, or high stress
  • You want to focus on relaxing, releasing and balancing your nervous system, thoughts and emotions
  • You experience breathing difficulties, such as asthma and emphysema
  • You want to develop your breath, for singing, acting, competitive sports, or any other reason
  • You are completely uninterested in movement, but would like to avoid illness, pain &/or other unwelcome but often likely companions on the more sedentary journey



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