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Qigong for the Joints and Spine (Heaven & Earth Qigong)

Our main movement practice at Oxford Internal Arts, this simple and complete movement qigong complements and builds on breathing and standing practices.

The practice first loosens the neck, shoulders, hips and spine, and then focuses on its major component, the opening and closing of the joints and spine.

The smooth pumping of the fluids of the joints and spine is a hallmark of Taoist Qigong practices. This little known methodology yields exceptional results in restoring the function of the joints and spine, and also the blood vessels, organs and brain by strongly affecting all the fluids in the body.

Combined with its ability to drain excess blood and heat from the head, clear and strengthen the liver and vision, and deeply release tension from the nerves, this qigong is particularly well suited to relieving the stresses of modern living, office work with computers, and study.

Moreover, it revives a feeling of openness, smoothness, natural strength, spring and energy inside the body which most people have not experienced since childhood. This explains its being at the core of the power generation techniques of the Internal Martial Arts, and its ability to supercharge any sport, dance or physical activity.

Over time, these powerful but virtually invisible internal movements can even be integrated into breathing, sitting, or walking, even meditating, so that the benefits of this ancient qigong can be experienced in any circumstance.


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