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This simple and complete qigong complements and builds on breathing and internal strength and awareness practices.

It focuses on developing the body’s natural ability to pump blood and fluids throughout the whole system without stressing the heart, fully developing the entire circulatory system. This naturally feeds and cleans all the cells in the body and restores the natural balance of fluid pressures in the body, which the Taoists believe to be a key factor in restoring the natural strength and vitality we had as children, which is not based in muscular strength.

The practice first loosens the neck, shoulders, hips, spine, arms, legs, feet and hands, and then focuses on its major component, “opening and closing” (kai-he). The natural actions of opening and closing pump all the fluids in the body as a whole, and in detail at the micro level, e.g. in the fluid within individual joints, sections of the spine, areas of blood vessels, lymph nodes, organs etc.

This yields wonderful results in helping restore the function, flexibility and natural strength to everything in the body, including the joints, spine, vital organs, intestines, elimination system, skin, eyes, ears and brain. A hallmark of Taoist Qigong practices and at the heart of Tai Chi and many qigong systems, the effects of this qigong have been remarked upon by many who visited China and witnessed its older people being able to move and enjoy the energy of their 30 year old counterparts in the west.

With its external simplicity, its ability to drain excess blood and heat from the head, deeply release tension from the eyes and nerves and greatly improve the health of the spine, this qigong is particularly well suited to relieving the stresses of modern living, as well as add depth, power and possibility to any sport, dance or physical activity (it is a cornerstone of the internal martial arts also).

Over time, these powerful but almost invisible internal movements can even be integrated into breathing, sitting, walking, even meditating, so that the benefits of this ancient qigong can be experienced in any circumstance.


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