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Qigong and tai chi seminars


Location & Parking

The weekly classes are centrally located in Jericho, at the Jericho Community Center, 33A Canal Street, Oxford. The building is at the junction of Canal Street and Cardigan Street.

Parking is available in some parking bays locally and from 6.30pm on Great Clarendon Street, for £1 for the evening.

For a map, visit Google Maps or the Jericho Community Centre website. You can print out as necessary.


  • Classes run as 10 week courses, or 8 week courses for University Students. This provides an effective format for learning the practices and for the smooth running of classes.
  • Special Summer Payment Scheme: As many people are away for parts of the Summer Term, you can pay for the maximum number of classes you expect to attend, and so not pay for when you’re away!
  • You can attend your first class for 5 to see if you wish to sign up for the course. Students may attend their first class for FREE.
  • If you wish to join a Foundation Class after the 3rd week of a course, you may be required to take a Private Class to catch you up with the group before joining the class, so as to keep classes progressing smoothly.


  • All Classes in the Summer Term run on Tuesday Evenings.
  • Summer Term classes begin Tuesday 10th July 2007.
  • You may join the Foundation Classes in Qigong until the 4th week of classes, at which point you are welcome to take a private lesson to catch you up to the group so that you can join. In my experience, the material taught in these classes forms the ideal foundation in the Internal Arts for most people. They get you into the heart of the Internal Arts more quickly than Tai Chi, or can very usefully be learned in combination with T’ai Chi.
  • You can join the T’ai Chi Classes at any time. Intermediates and keen Beginners are recommended also to attend Qigong Classes if possible. Qigong enables students to focus on the internal processes contained within Tai Chi much more precisely and directly. It is these internal processes which give T’ai Chi it's much reputed ability to heal the body, generate strength and energy, and release stress, and which allow practitioners to significantly raise the level of their T’ai Chi.

TUESDAY COURSE - Beginner & Intermediate

  Course Title   Times
  Beginners TAOIST BREATHING & QIGONG   Tuesdays, 6:15pm - 7:15pm
  Beginners & Intermediate T’AI CHI   Tuesdays, 7:15pm - 8:15pm
  Intermediate TAOIST BREATHING & QIGONG   Tuesdays, 8:15pm - 9:15pm

COURSE PRICES (for 10 week courses)

1 Course only £65 - comprising 10 classes at 6.50 per hour.
2 Courses £100 - comprising 20 classes at 5.00 per hour.
3 Courses £125 - comprising 30 classes at 4.20 per hour.

STUDENTS & CONCESSIONS PRICES (for 10 week courses)

1 Course only £45 - comprising 10 classes at 4.50 per hour.
2 Courses £70 - comprising 20 classes at 3.50 per hour.
3 Courses £90 - comprising 30 classes at 3.00 per hour.


Private classes are very useful for tailoring your practice to your individual desires and requirements, and giving you in depth personalised feedback and tuition. Students report that the addition of Private Classes greatly accelerated and deepened their learning of the Internal Arts, and I generally recommend anyone wanting to gain the full benefits of these arts to receive some private tuition if possible.


1 Class £35
Set of 5 classes £30 each


1 Class £25
Set of 5+ classes £20 each

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