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Seminars with Oxford Internal Arts

Review of BK Frantzis - Spiralling Energy Body & Gods Playing in the Clouds 2018 Oxford Retreat:

With Gio Maschio

October 27th & 28th

South Leigh Village Hall Just Outside Oxford

Early Bird Booking by October 10th (see Below for Details)

  • This weekend will be a review of the subject matter BK Frantzis covers in his October 2018 Oxford Retreat on Spiralling Energy Body within Gods Playing the Clouds
  • It is open to all who attended the above course and and to all who have experience of both Spiralling and Gods
  • Gio has attended many retreats and two instructor trainings on Gods with Bruce, and taught over a dozen Gods retreats over the last 20 years. During that time, he has also attended several retreats with Bruce on Spiralling Energy Body, run public retreats and weekends on it as well as clarified and developed Spiralling Energy Body with intermediate students at Oxford Internal Arts
  • All attendees will benefit from individual and small-group feedback, corrections and suggestions
  • Our "Reviews of BK Frantzis Oxford Retreats" courses have gone down very well with students:

    "I found Gio's course invaluable in truly unpacking much of the material that Bruce taught. Particularly given the very intensive nature of Bruce's courses, the insight that Gio provides into the context and nature of the material is very important as it can be very easy to “get the wrong end of the stick” on some very fundamental points" A.S.

    "Bruce's workshop...was so full of layers of content that it was a huge help to do Gio's follow up weekend. Gio focused on the essentials that allowed me to build a practice that I could 'bring home' and turn into a daily practice. I've then been able to build on that practice to incorporate more of what I learned." P.K.

Spiralling & Gods in General:

Spiralling Energy Body Qigong is the natural completion of Energy Gates Neigung. It is at the heart of both the stilling, balancing and integration of our energy in Taoist Practices, and also it’s radical development well beyond what is possible through Energy Gates or any other Taoist Practice alone (aside from Taoist Meditation if taken deep enough). As such SEB can be thought of as the complete “energy engine” of Taoist Qi Practices as it radically overhauls our energy system. Having our “energy engine” run smoothly, efficiently and powerfully in body, emotions and mind, both in the storing and the expressing of our energy, is the goal of the practice.

In Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong we activate all the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual processes inside us and gradually bring them into harmony, so instead of being fragmented they, and we, become integrated and whole. Physically, it is a very simple form and easy to learn. Over time, we gradually fold more and more internal content into this simple form, enabling all these key processes inside ourselves to work together naturally. As a result it is called an “Earth Element” practise, bringing about a sense of feeling comfortable, “together” and at home, rather than disassociated and confused.


The teacher, Gio Maschio, has been OK'd by Bruce to introduce Spiralling Energy Body publicly in preparation for Bruce's Oxford retreat on Spiralling within Gods. He has been teaching for 25 years and running regular retreats since 2004, focusing on self-healing and meditation. He is one of BK Frantzis most experienced students certified to teach all Energy Arts subjects, has studied with a number of other teachers and masters especially in the field of meditation, and is founder of the Qigong for Acupuncturists course at the UK's largest college of Chinese medicine, running the program for 15 years. He also hosts Bruce's yearly retreats on qigong and meditation in Oxford


South Leigh Village Hall a beautiful, light, warm hall with large private garden in a quiet village just north of Oxford, with free parking available.

If you don't have a car, lifts will be available from Oxford town centre from other participants at the event, contact me if you need a lift



For the weekend we will be going to Worton Organic Farm for an excellent lunch in a beautiful, nearby, natural place. This will need to be booked in advance!

Other days, there is a good gastropub in South Leigh itself, two minutes walk away.

People can also bring their own supplies, we have a kitchen and fridge available

Timing of the Days:

10.30am - 6.00pm.  We may vary this a little depending of what attendees prefer


Booking, Early Bird Payment & Discounts:  

Early Bird Full Payment by October 10th:

£70 for the first, second and third day you attend

£55 for the fourth and fifth days


  • If you qualify for the discounts below, please adjust payment as necessary!


  • First Oxinar Workshop? 10% Discount
  • Full time students pay £55 per day throughout
  • Long-Time Regular Attendees: 10% Discount (regular attendees of seminars and retreats for the last 2+ years)

Prices After October 10th:

Add 15% to the Early Bird prices.
Discounts no longer apply other than discount offered if this is your first workshop

N.B.  If you have any difficulties booking by the Early Bird cut-off date or if you cannot afford the full fee but would like to attend please email me

Accommodation in Oxford:

Here are some useful links for places to stay in and around Oxford (N.B. there is often a map option and several search filters which are very helpful).  If you are interested in sharing accommodation, let us know and we will put you in touch with others. Sometimes local participants at retreats have room at their houses, if you are interested let us know

For self-catering, B&B, camping, hotels etc, try these links:  Link 1   Link 2.  If you're looking into backpackers etc, the YHA is much the best option

To rent rooms in Oxford University Colleges

For airbnb.com where you can rent apartments, cottages, houses, or even just a room in a house often at very good value, especially if a number of you are clubbing together

For more cottages in the area

For accommodation in the Cotswold area just north of Oxford (including hotels, B&B, cottages, Farmhouse stays, camping etc), you can also try these links: Link 1  Link 2




Keep very well! Gio

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