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Strengthening & Focusing Your System Before Winter

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Qigong and tai chi seminars


Seminars with Oxford Internal Arts

November 8th/9th &ndash Wolfson College Oxford

Autumn Workshops: Strengthening & Focusing Your System Before Winter

With Gio Maschio

This seminar is a key seasonal seminar, as it helps prepare for the long, damp English winter months. The weekend will focus on developing the yang core energies of the spine, brain, kidneys, lungs and “wei chi” or protective energy of the body, as well as boost creativity, clarity and enthusisasm, developing what Chinese medicine refers to as the “metal element” of your energy. This is valuable in its own right now, but is especially useful as an investment for a good winter season, helping prevent winter illnesses and depression, as well as enhancing the positive side of winter, the ability to rest freely, store energy deep inside and let go of things that are no longer necessary to you.

Day 1 - Saturday 8th November

A day based on breathing practices, standing practices and all manner of techniques to do with the spine. We will also integrate these into qigong movements, depending on the backgroud of the students.

There will be 2 GROUPS: those with a basic knowledge of taoist breathing, standing and movement practices; and a more advanced group.

Day 2 - Sunday 9th November

This day will continue further develop practices begun on the saturday, and focus also on developing the work with the “wei chi” in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, as well as “pushing and pullling” practices which greatly boost the effectiveness of this great qigong set. We will aslo work on improving the Dragon and Tiger set in general.

Again, there will be 2 GROUPS: those who attended the saturday and more advanced students somewhat familiar with “wei chi” practices; and beginners and who have just begun to learn Dragon and Tiger Qigong.

For prices, details and booking, please click here. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND.


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