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Qigong and tai chi seminars


Seminars with Oxford Internal Arts

Sunday 20th April

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Seminar

With Gio Maschio

Both seminars are for beginners & intermediates

About Dragon & Tiger Qigong:

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is a medical qigong set and is now a core component of the Beginners Foundation Classes.

At normal levels, it is the probably easiest yet very effective Internal Arts set around. It releases tension from the body and opens its energy quickly and effectively, giving great results without too much effort. It is much easier and more effective than T'ai Chi or the deeper qigong (neigong) sets unless you put a lot more effort in these. It's also a marvellous way to easily smooth and release the emotions.

So all in all, it's very recommended! The seminars are being held both due to demand and due to B.K. Frantzis Dragon & Tiger Retreat in Brighton towards the end of March (for details see www.energyarts.com).

The beauty of this practice lies in its simplicity, the flexibility and flow it develops inside you, and the speed with which it opens and releases your neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and spine whilst smoothing and strengthening your energy.

This stems from its not accessing as deeply inside the body and its energy as Internal Strength Practices (neigong). You access a more superficial level of smooth integrated movement and energy much more quickly and easily. This is not to say that it is not powerful or effective. You are taught to work with what acupuncturists regard as the most powerful meridian system in the body (the 8 extra meridians), to the extent that this is an effective method for combating cancer. Strong stuff!

This practice is a good case of a relatively low investment yielding a very high return. If you are looking for one practice to boost your energy and health without too many complications then this set is the one for you.

It is widely used in China as an aid to cancer treatment. Students report it to be very helpful with chronic conditions such as arthritis, repetitive strain injury, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue, as well as greatly increasing your balance, flexibility, and flow.

This practice is particularly beneficial if:

  • You work long hours with computers;
  • You want to take it relatively easy rather than try to over-achieve as usual;
  • You've been relatively inactive for a fairly long period of time &/or your energy is low, even chronically low;
  • You have done a lot of very demanding sporting activity requiring you to heavily build &/or tense your muscles;
  • You are naturally a little stiff;
  • You have phantom limb pain;
  • You suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis or repetitive strain injury;
  • You are undergoing treatment for cancer;
  • You are a yoga practitioner, as this movement set complements yoga very well;

Seminar Details:

You may attend for the morning or the whole day.

  • Those of you who have some knowledge of the moves will greatly improve the function of the qigong set the more you do.
  • Those of you who are totally new to this set should be able to perform 4 of the 7 moves well and functionally in a day or get a good idea of the set in a morning.
  • Those in the Beginners foundation classes will have completed at least 4 of the 7 moves by the time the first seminar comes around, so will be in very good shape for making a big jump in the level of your practice.
  • Those who attended BK Frantzis Instructor Training or introductory weekend in Brighton will have a good opportunity to go over the material you learned, work on details, and improve the function of the set as a whole (Gio is a “Level 3” instructor trainee, i.e. not qualifies=at this level yet but learning it…


Sunday 20th April, 10am-1pm, 2-4.30pm at Wolfson College


If this is your first seminar, the cost is £25 for a whole day, £15 for morning only. Otherwise the usual prices apply, see Seminars.

Please let me know if you wish to attend ASAP! oxfordinternalarts@googlemail.com

Take it easy,


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