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Summer Retreat: August 17th - 21st

Complete Qigong & Meditation:

Gods Playing in the Clouds & Letting Go

Oxford Retreat

  • The Meditation aspect of this course is free (see below for details)
  • Please Book by July 17th if possible to facilitate planning

This retreat explores the non separation of fully active qigong and the total relaxation of the mind. We will combine working with the movement of fluids (including opening and closing and indeed most neigung) and chi (Spiraling Energy Body) in Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong, and explore how the circulation of these through the central channel reveals the openness of mind within which all occurs, so that total relaxation is experienced as the basis of energy and all qigong. We will combine this with guided and silent meditation sessions to clarify and deepen this experience.

On Meditation:

In Taoism meditation tends to begin with developing continuous presence and awareness, and slowly relaxing these as we release the tensions from our energies - thoughts, feelings, sensations. This largely corresponds to what is known as “dissolving from ice to water", where we gradually relax from a more fixed and charged sense of self holding on to relatively fixed ideas, emotions etc, to being more relaxed, open and responsive in the flow of life. It is then easier to notice and let go into the “space” or openness of the mind (release “from water to space”) coming to perceive the mind itself, the space or openness of awareness in which the contents of the mind arise, change and move. The openness of mind effortlessly illuminates the mind’s contents, and yet is both un-troubled by them and not separate from them, yielding both effortless freedom and engagement in the world

On Gods:

Gods Playing in the Clouds contains all Taoist energy work in one form, and is described by BK Frantzis as the “jewel in the crown” of Taoist qigong. It is designed to help discover how complete energy movement and the relaxed openness of mind are inseparable, and also as a means to integrate this relaxed openness into all experience and all qigong

Attendance & Prerequisites:

  • You can attend day 1, or 1 + 2, or 1+2+3, etc up to all 5 days of each retreat. The longer you can stay the better, as we cannot cover all aspects in one or two days, but one or two days can still be very helpful

  • All are welcome who have at least 3-6 months experience at Oxinar, Energy Arts or equivalent (email me if in doubt)

  • Those without experience of Spiralling Energy Body will work more on fluid circulation, the basis of qigong, exploring Standing Energy Postures Qigong also. Those with experience in SEB will fold the spiralling into all other qigong work. All will work with meditation aspects

  • Depending on who joins, those new to Oxinar may be sent an audio class or two to help with the meditation aspect of the course, which will be made available on booking

The teacher, Gio Maschio, has been teaching for 25 years and running regular retreats since 2004, focusing on self-healing and meditation. He was OK’d by Bruce Frantzis to introduce Spiralling Energy Body publicly in preparation for Bruce’s Oxford Spiralling Retreat in 2018 (having already clarified and developed Spiralling Energy Body with intermediate students at Oxford Internal Arts over several years), has attended many retreats and two instructor trainings on Gods with Bruce, and has taught over a dozen Gods retreats over the last 20 years. He is one of BK Frantzis most experienced students, certified to teach all Energy Arts subjects, and has studied with a number of other teachers and masters, especially in the field of meditation. He is founder of the “Qigong for Acupuncturists” course at the UK's largest college of Chinese medicine and also hosts Bruce's yearly retreats on qigong and meditation in Oxford

Booking & Discounts:  

I am treating this retreat as 75/25 qigong / meditation, and do not charge for the meditation aspect. I am therefore charging people only 75% of the usual fee. If you would like to contribute to the meditation aspect of the course, you may do so by donation, thank you.

Consequently, there are no other discounts or any early bird date for this course. However, please try to book by 17th July if possible to facilitate venue payment, meal bookings etc


£55 per day + any donations for the meditation


South Leigh Village Hall a beautiful, light, warm hall with large private garden in a quiet village just north of Oxford, with free parking available.

If you don't have a car, lifts will be available from Oxford town centre from other participants at the event, contact me if you need a lift


For the weekend we will be going to Worton Organic Farm for an excellent lunch in a beautiful, nearby, natural place. This will need to be booked in advance!

Other days, there is a good gastro-pub in South Leigh itself, two minutes walk away.

People can also bring their own supplies, we have a kitchen and fridge available

Timing of the Days:

10.30am - 6.00pm.  We may vary this a little depending on what attendees prefer day to day

PLEASE EMAIL ME TO BOOK THE RETREAT - letting me know how many days you will attend or to discuss anything

Keep very well!



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