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Winter Seminar II

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Sunday 13th January 2008

Winter Seminar II: Dissolving Energy Blockages to Let Go of the Old, Storing Energy in Your Core to Prepare for the New

With Gio Maschio

The seminar below have been designed as part of a Winter Qigong Seminar Series to enable students to get a really good handle on winter qigong practices to build core energy and release old and stuck physical and emotional energy from the body. Any of the seminars may be done singly or as a series, for which discounts are available (see the “Seminars” page on the website).

This seminar will be divided into two groups.

BEGINNERS will learn techniques to smooth their energy, build energy in the lower dan dien, kidneys and core of the body, and release old, stuck physical and emotional energy out of the body. This will include sitting and standing qigong techniques and Taoist Breathing techniques appropriate to the winter season, enabling the letting go of the old and preparing for the new in spring by storing energy deep inside your system. We will also introduce Dragon & Tiger Qigong, a medical qigong system to clear stagnant energy from the body, and will take those who have been introduced to these movements already further.

Prerequisites: There are no pre-requisites for the above course. Those who attended our last winter seminar but are not yet ready for the intermediate course will take their practices to a much deeper level and be iuntroduced to material we did not cover in the last seminar.

INTERMEDIATES will do all the above, plus explore several standing postures appropriate to the season, dissolving techniques to release old and stuck energy, and develop the practice of Cloud Hands Qigong, including material I have not previously taught relevant to all chi practices including tai chi, ba gua and hsing I, and which form a complete basis for practising qigong in winter.

Pre-requisites: A good knowledge of standing qigong, Taoist Breathing and Cloud Hands Qigong.

Please confirm your bookings ASAP!

Location: “The Buttery”, Wolfson College, 10am–1pm and 2.30pm–4.30pm.

Parking is available for the full day at the college.

Food: You can eat lunch well and inexpensively at the college, go out to the nearby restaurants, or bring your own.


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