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Winter Seminar: Dissolving Energy Blockages

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Saturday 15th December 2007

Winter Seminar: “Dissolving Energy Blockages to Let Go of the Old, Storing Energy in Your Core to Prepare for the New”

With Gio Maschio

This seminar is open to beginners!

The seminar will emphasise techniques to dissolve and release energetic blockages and circular breathing techniques to let go of all that is inessential and store energy as deep as possible in your system in preparation for a productive spring time. These techniques greatly release stress and strenghten the kidneys, legs and lower dandien.

The seminar will continue to develop the methods of “Dragon & Tiger Qigong”, from the beginning for beginners, and continuing for intermediates.

Please confirm your bookings ASAP!

Location: “The Buttery”, Wolfson College, 10am–1pm and 2.30pm–4.30pm.

Parking is available for the full day at the college.

Food: You can eat lunch well and inexpensively at the college, go out to the nearby restaurants, or bring your own.


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