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Autumn Seminar: Strengthening Your System for Winter

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Saturday 24th November 2007

Autumn Seminar: “Strengthening Your System for Winter”

With Gio Maschio

This seminar is open to those who have attended a Foundation Class or have equivalent experience. Do not hesitate to contact me if in any doubt!

We will go over the material we covered in our previous Autumn Seminar, emphasising work with the spine, brain and lungs, activating the body’s core before winter fully sets in, developing clarity and creativity and mitigating the preconditionsof the winter blues. We will introduce futher elements and develop previous elements further for those who attanded the previous seminar.

Much of the seminar will focus on developing the body’s protective energy using the energetic techniques of “Dragon & Tiger Qigong”. This is also in preparation for BK Frantzis’ Retreat on “Dragon and Tiger Qigong” in Brighton in March next year. See www.energyarts.com for details.

Please confirm your bookings ASAP!


The Jericho Community Center, 33A Canal Street, Oxford. The building is at the junction of Canal Street and Cardigan Street.

Parking is available in some parking bays locally.

For a map, visit Google Maps or the Jericho Community Centre website. You can print out as necessary.


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