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Winter Seminar III

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Saturday 9th February 2008

Winter Seminar III: Dissolving Energy Blockages to Let Go of the Old, Storing Energy in Your Core to Prepare for Spring

With Gio Maschio

The seminar below has been designed as part of a Winter Qigong Seminar Series to enable students to get a really good handle on winter qigong practices to build core energy and release old and stuck physical and emotionalenergy from the body, developing the “water element” as referred to in Chinese medicine. Any of the seminars may be done singly or as a series, for which discounts are available (see the “Seminars” page on the website).

Here we will focus on “dissolving” stuck physical and emotional energy. “Dissolving” greatly boosts the strength of previous practices torelease stuck old energy, and requires you to have a good foundation in the preliminary practices. It enables you to open the body in ways that are unpredictable and inaccessible to purely physical techniques, and makes the feeling of energy or qi unmistakable, especially at the level of dissolving the energy gates. We will also use Standing Postures and Cloud Hands Qigong to circulate and ground this energy (Cloud Hands contains virtually all the internal content of T’ai Chi but in one movement). This seminar is recommended only for those who have a solid foundation instanding qigong, Taoist Breathing, and in releasing energy blockages, preferably dissolving them.

The seminar will divide into two groups:

  • Dissolving Group: This group will focus on consolidating energy dissolving practices, standing postures and Cloud Hands practices.
  • Energy Gates Group: This group will do the same but at a more advanced level, including working with the energy gates of the body which greatly increases your ability to let go and the strength of the energy dissolving practice.


  • Dissolving Group: Some experience in standing, aligning, Taoist breathing, and releasing stuck energy downwards. Having attended one of the previous winter seminars is preferable.
  • Energy Gates group: All above plus at least a year’s experience in dissolving.

We will also correct some Dragon and Tiger Qigong movements for those who are interested.

Please confirm your bookings ASAP!

Location: “The Buttery”, Wolfson College, 10am–1pm and 2.30pm–4.30pm.

Parking is available for the full day at the college.

Food is available from the College refectory, from nearby restaurants and shops in Summertown and North Parade.


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